Video Project

Hidden With Christ Ministries was born from a vision the Lord gave to my mother, Rita Langeland, to begin producing a radio broadcast in 2000. That radio program was focused on Biblical teaching and was called “Keys to Victorious Christian Living.” The radio program featured down to earth truths that applied to every believer’s daily life. For the past three years we have produced a weekly (or near weekly) video podcast for publication on social media platforms called, “Word For Wednesday.” Like the original “Keys” radio program, the current video podcasts have been well received by fellow believers from a range of countries in the developing world, who yearn for clearly presented, Biblically-sound teaching.  

We feel strongly in our spirits that it is once again time to increase our production of Bible teaching content, and this has been confirmed independently by trusted advisors to the ministry. We plan to design a dedicated audio/video recording studio in a portion of our new office space in Lynchburg, Virginia. This recording studio will enable a more efficient workflow for recording the Bible teaching and doing the video editing. Our heart is to see the Word of God taught and dispersed to every corner of the earth through the internet, to people we may never meet and to places we may never travel.

Bible Bascis CoverWe will continue to produce the shorter, easily digestible weekly content such as the “Word For Wednesday” series, but have big plans for more in-depth teaching series that will be usable as discipleship material for churches, home groups and Bible schools around the world. Our past experiences working with churches in various African countries and Ukraine have impressed upon us the need for in-depth, Biblically based discipleship materials in much of the developing world. Our first planned video project will be a multi-part video series to accompany Rita’s discipleship book, Bible Basics for Every Believer, which presents foundational Christian principles in a clear, understandable format. Each chapter will be presented with a corresponding video. I have personally used this book over the years very successfully in small groups here in the US, as well as in Ukraine with a Russian translation. The book has also been translated into Swahili and used in Tanzania and republished in English in Nigeria.

Our goal with the “Bible Basics” video series is that anyone could sit down with new believers and disciple them with the help of the book/video combo. We plan to have the videos overdubbed in various languages and the book translated to correspond to each language. We will then make the video series and the book/teaching materials available online free of charge, to tangibly aid in the building up of the Body of Christ in both English and non-English speaking areas of the globe. After the completion of the “Bible Basics” video series we will work to have it dubbed into every possible language. Our current proximity to Liberty University, with its large, diverse body of Christian international students from 180 countries representing a multitude of languages, puts that goal within reach for the first time in this ministry’s history.

We have great faith and energy to move forward with this project. But we need your help!

The video production and translation work for this project will take time and money as we bring in interpreters/translators for each portion of the project. We are also in great need of up-to-date video and audio equipment as we have been using a mix of old editing computers, 15-year-old cameras, and our personal smart phones for the past three years of “Word for Wednesday” video production.

Will you prayerfully consider sponsoring a portion of this recording project and help disciple believers around the world? To give you an idea of the estimated costs involved, please see the following list:

  • Translation of Bible Basics for Every Believer book into one new language – $3769 per language (Spanish, Ukrainian, Arabic, French and Mandarin are first on the docket) We will be using a top Christian-run Translation service which translated Rick Warren’s book The Purpose Driven Life into those same languages. This book will then be distributed for FREE to various nations in a downloadable PDF format ready for printing.
  • Foreign language translation overdubbing of Bible Basics for Every Believer 16 video teachings into one new language (any donation is appreciated - cost for the man-hours is still being determined)
  • Video Project Studio1 high speed computer and monitor for video editing - $2500
  • 1 4K digital video camera with lens - $1599 (3 are needed)
  • 1 broadcast microphone - $400 (2 are needed)
  • 1 video production light - $90 (3 are needed)
  • 1 light stand - $70 (3 are needed)
  • 1 camera tripod - $110 (3 are needed)
  • 1 mic stand - $100 (2 are needed)
  • 1 video camera switcher - $600
  • 1 set of audio monitors - $500
  • 1 audio recording interface - $700
  • 1 set of headphones for translation work - $100 (2 are needed)
  • 1 set of sound absorbing backdrop curtains - $37 (8 sets are needed to cover 4 walls of the studio)
  • 9’ x 12’ sound absorbing carpet to muffle our creaky wooden farmhouse floor - $225

Most of the above items can be found on AMAZON.COM in our wishlist for Hidden with Christ Ministries. If you desire, you can purchase the item on our wishlist and Amazon will ship it directly to our office in Lynchburg, VA. To look up the wishlist, you must enter the following email address which is associated with the account: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you need a traditional receipt for tax purposes (rather than an “in kind” receipt) please donate the cost of the item, either on our website or by check. (

We are excited to embark on this project which we believe will have a lasting impact in nations who have a great need for basic Discipleship materials. We thank you for having a heart to obey Jesus’ command in Matthew 28:19 –

Go, therefore, and make disciples of all the nations…