Back in the Hiking Rythem

September 24, 2012

After spending the majority of the month of August in Tanzania East Africa - I was out of the sync of both hiking and blogging despite a multitude of glimpses of the beauty of Mt Kilimanjaro. But as time is running out as we head toward the December date of actually climbing Kili - I must resume both with all vigilance!

A beautiful day on the Blue Ridge Trail

Now that September has arrived - the intense heat of summer is starting to abate. The drive from Orange County through the Inland Empire to get out to the mountain town of Wrightwood can be so crazy hot. Today was the first time in months as we exited our vehicle and readied our boots and day packs to start the hike up the Blue Ridge trail that the thermometer registered in the 70's. The sky was magnificently blue and clear - it was ideal hiking weather.

Mondays are a perfect day to hike - hardly a soul around. Walking along the narrow trail shaded by tall pines feels so solitary and peaceful. For myself - my focus is just trying to increase my cardio vascular endurance and hiking uphill is just what my "hiking conscience" ordered!

Following Dave along the Blue Ridge Trail - this is one patient man!

My husband Dave is my self-appointed "hiking conscience" - and so it is him that I follow along the trail. He is an extremely patient man- he could probably run up the trail and back once or twice in the time I meander up to the top of the hill- but he is gracious and takes it slow for my sake.

Aside from my iPod - my next most valued pieces of hiking equipment are my trekking poles. I love having something for my arms to do while hiking and they really help when hiking down hill in steep terrain. My poles are Komperdells - and I use them on every hike and they have stood the test of time and wear. I highly recommend them.

Komperdell Trekking poles

Here is another fun tool - There is a great phone app called Backcountry Navigator - which uses the GPS technology to give you the altitude and distance you travel while hiking. Today we hiked 4.8 miles round trip and had an elevation gain of 1,144 feet - starting at the 6,813 foot level and ending up and an altitude of 7,882 feet. Need to keep adding to this each week and prepare for the next backpacking trip which is 2 weeks away.

Tomorrow- running and the gym is on the radar before heading to the office. I keep seeing Mt Kilimanjaro in my mind’s eye - and thinking - I don't want to turn back before reaching the top!